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Friending post


A couple mutual friends posted this link.  I only read a few posts and found too many people I liked to add them all so I made my own reply so they can add me.  :P  Go make some friends!


I just wanted to say thanks to the new friends who added me.  I'm a bit under the weather today, as I went in for "day surgery" yesterday that wasn't really surgery but I had to have some bladder stones removed, so they put me under so I wouldn't have to deal with the discomfort, and as usual the IV was an ordeal, but I'll spare you the details and I'll just say that they didn't even get to finish removing the stones, it was taking so long and as it was we didn't get home until 8 at night.  Gotta love driving in and out of Boston.

The least cool thing that happened was, as they were wheeling me into the OR, my doctor said, if we can't get them all out with the lasers (yes lasers) we may have to cut you open.  So I went in there not knowing if I'd wake up with an incision or not.  How fun!

I had nightmares all last night and I feel like crap today.  I was hoping to feel better, but hopefully soon I will.

But I have to go back and get it done again.  This is why I went on doctors strike in the first place.  Shit can't get done right the first time.

My husband and I both thought it was funny that the nurses kept saying he was a good husband, just because he came to the hospital with me and was holding my hand and comforting me.  Makes you wonder what kind of douchebags they usually see.

Oct. 3rd, 2013

As if I wasn't anxious enough about this playdate...(copypasted from somewhere else, sorry for any weirdness in formatting or font change)

Am I horrible for not knowing the last name of the girl Josh is having a playdate with this afternoon? He's getting off the bus with her (same bus he usually takes, she lives just around the corner). Well I didn't know I was supposed to send in a note-I just told the bus driver that Josh would be getting off at her stop. The office called me because Josh told his teacher he was getting off the bus with her and I guess the teacher told the office. She said I needed to bring in a note and I said "It's the same bus" and she interrupted me and said it doesn't matter. So I said Okay I'll bring in a note, and she said no, I'll just take the information now. She asked who he was getting off the bus with and I told her the first name and she said "He's getting off the bus with someone and you don't know their last name?" Seriously, what would the difference be if I did? I know their address, phone number and the mother's name. And if Josh hadn't said anything to his teacher, nobody would have even known that he was getting off the bus with her, except the driver. Is there any reason the school needs to know, anyway? Is it a liability thing? What am I missing here? I mean, I wouldn't mind if she was just trying to educate me about the procedure but she was so snarky. Stuff like this ruins my day.


Forgot to add that we went to a Wicca supply store today and didn't stay long.  I just felt weird.  We just got there as soon as it opened and the employee was in the bathroom even though the front door was unlocked.  I just felt weird not being greeted when we walked in.  There was a dog and a cat there, which was cool, because I like dogs and cats, but like, what if you don't?  I've always felt sort of weird about animals in businesses.  What if you're allergic?

So, I didn't buy anything, but I guess I'd rather find an online store and peruse for a while and really get what I want.  


Couldn't find any candle making kits.  Found different kinds of wax and wicks and other accessories but I haven't done enough research on the whole process to know exactly what I needed.  My husband suggested I check amazon, so that is my project for this week.  Read up on what I need, and get it.

My husband seemed put out that I asked him to take our son to karate so I could make dinner.  It's going to take over an hour to make so if I wait until I get back from karate we won't eat until late.  And I don't trust my husband to do everything right, not without me standing over him.  I'm awful, I know.  When he asks if he can help, I'm like "Sure, do this and this and this, and oh forget it, it's faster to do myself."  I'm only like that in the kitchen.  I let him clean to his heart's content, so I guess it's a good trade off that I do all the cooking.

I'm still on the stupid RE committee e mail list and there are two people on that list who know I've left the church and I kind of wish one of them would go, "oh hey, let's take Kate off this list", so I don't have to poke my head out and remind everyone.  See, nobody even cares that I left.

Well I gotta go find my son's karate uniform!  Yack later!

This is the last week of school! His last day is actually Thursday and they get out at noon.  He has a day camp next week and he's also doing karate twice a week starting today.  We'll probably go to the library a lot, the park, the zoo, the beach, the festivals, and venture out of town for some other stuff like King Richard's Faire and a bigger zoo that's pretty awesome.  The animals have really large habitats and there's even a big space in a wooded area where deer just roam around and you can go up to them.  I don't know, I guess a lot of people have issues with zoos but as long as they have a lot of space I don't have a problem with it.  I feel better about zoos than I do about circus animals, at least.

We went to a family therapist yesterday, my husband and I, to fill out the new patient paperwork.  I was surprised to see she was around our age because she sounded older on the phone.  We got around to talking about my hobbies and it went a little like this:

"So what do you do for fun?"

my husband: "Well she likes concerts...only one band though..."

me, getting all embarrassed and laughing

her: "It can't be as bad as who I like!"

me, getting a funny feeling: "Who?"

her: "...New Kids?"

*cue me fangirling, laughing at my husband for thinking she would roll her eyes or at least not be impressed*

It was awesome.  But because the session wasn't supposed to be about fangirling, I dropped it.  Still, so awesome.
Aside from being a kindred spirit, she seemed very nice.  I hope she'll help smooth over some of the bumps we seem to encounter with our impatience and lack of a routine or DH and me being on the same page at all.  I think she'll be talking to our son more than anything, but I hope my husband and I will be quite involved too.

I've also started eating better and doing a couch to 5k program.  If any of you are on myfitnesspal.com you can add me-my username is daylilies.  I don't track my food or exercise but I use the blog, I weigh in roughly once a week and I try to comment on people's updates a lot.  I lost 3 lbs. last week, and I'm aware it won't always be that big a loss but I was quite motivated by that.  I'm a little worried about staying in the groove of eating well and using the treadmill when my son is out of school, but hopefully I can stick with it.

My husband and I saw World War Z yesterday and it was very good.  I don't remember the book, but DH said it was completely different and that's fine.  I remember it being about a lot of different people in the book and it's kind of hard to pull that off in a movie unless their timelines cross paths at some point, which I don't think they did, aside from all being about the outbreak, obviously.  I still thought it was well done.

So, my husband has officially joined twitter.  I mean, he "joined" years ago but never tweeted or read anything and now he's there and he's all commenting on my tweets and stuff, and I'm like welp, that's another safe place gone.  I have family on facebook and now my husband has joined twitter.  So now I have to think extra hard before I post anything anywhere.  I mean, I tried to limit my bitching about my husband to DM's anyway but now I can't even make an offhand snarky comment to my followers about how he doesn't listen without getting shit for it later.

So guess who gets to read it now.  Did I mention I love you guys?

Speaking of not listening, I have told my husband time and time again that my son and I have a routine set for the morning.  We get up at 7 if we aren't up already, which we usually are.  That way, we have time for my son to watch something while he eats breakfast.  Then, he gets dressed and plays until the bus comes.  We don't get two shows, we don't make him get dressed as soon as he gets up unless he wants to.  Guess who was telling him to get dressed at 7:00 this morning when he woke up.

How are things supposed to change if one person in the family refuses to give?

The therapist who called me back about a week ago and we scheduled an appt. for just my husband and me to go in and fill out paperwork.  Oh joy!  It's going to be really hard for me to give this a try when I feel like I've constantly got one foot out the door already.  I am just so sick of trying and feeling like I'm back at square one every time my husband "forgets" something I've told him.  It's like I tell my son, it's not "forgetting" if you're just not listening.

I had a crazy urge to write yesterday so I tacked on a very short passage to my Joey fanfic which has been abandoned for so long.  I don't know why but I always write Joey as this wounded, tortured, sensitive, angry soul who goes from yelling to crying in 5 seconds. I guess I'm longing for some passion in my own life so I write my fantasy lover that way.  I want to write this torrid, passionate love scene or at least a good argument scene with hot make up sex afterward but for heaven's sake, I just don't know how.  I keep backing out whenever we get to a sex scene or a good argument scene.

I think as far as writing goes, I have a lot more knowledge about parenting and depression (and how the two affect each other) than I do about being in a sexual relationship with a celebrity.  Maybe I should stick to what I know!


Jan. 5th, 2013

Hi new friends!

I realized in my description of my blog in the friending post I forgot to mention I sometimes talk about anxiety and depression, sometimes some mention of suicide, which is little more than a passing thought these days, but still.  I don't know if this is triggery to any of you, but there it is.  I don't mind if any of you (new or old) drop friends with me if you don't want to read about that stuff.

I have a tag called "note to new friends" that goes over some basic information about me that you might want to check out.  Thanks for the adds!
Just for the record, my resolutions are to continue to try to be nice to my husband and son and also maybe lose some weight along the way.  If I could eat less when I'm stressed instead of eating more, I'd be all set!

I'd also like to be a little better with the way I write.  Less peppering with "LOL" and "like", and just...better writing.

I plan to stay here at LJ as long as possible, because I am resistant to change.  I have no idea how DW works.  If the creepy comm has to move to DW I will obviously figure it out so I can mod over there.  

Last night my husband was playing world of warcraft and I was tapping my fingers at 11:50 while he was still on.  We usually watch the ball drop.  So at 11:55 I went to watch it on my own and he came in a couple minutes later.  Unfortunately our cable box then reset and we missed the ball drop by about 10 seconds.  So we stayed up until 1 and watched Nashville's lame little music note drop.  LOL

Another new year off to a dubious start.  Did I tell you guys about the time NKOTBSB was in Times Square on NYE?  We watched it on TV and it should have been the most awesome NYE ever but we had a dumb fight about sex (long story short-he loves it, I hate it) and ruined the whole thing.  I'm really sick of my holidays being ruined or cut short.

I am the queen of procrastination

This morning I realized I hadn't gotten anything for Josh's teacher for Christmas, and today's the last day of school before vacation.  So at 8:00 we decided to miss the bus so we could run to Target and get something.  He picked out two Christmas ornaments (at first I worried that she might not celebrate Christmas but then my son said "She said she has a tree" so I hope he's right).  I also got her a gift card so we were standing at the Starbucks in Target putting together this gift bag and then I took him to school.

After some confusion about where to drop him off (I have never taken him to school before) he walked in and I walked away...with the gift bag in my hand.  I ran back in and gave it to him.  Sigh.

I am not a morning person.



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